Shelley Rae Hair

Minneapolis Based Hair & Makeup Artist


I'm Shelley and I'm a hair stylist and makeup artist in Minneapolis. What I love about this job is watching clients come in with a different idea of who they were, making a big or even minimal change and leaving more confident than when they came in. Confidence is the most important part of yourself, and that's what's going to make you feel pretty at the end of the day.

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  • What she can do with color I have never seen a stylist be able pull off on so many different clients. She is able to understand and go above and beyond my expectations for what I’m trying to pull off

    Lindsey Richardson | @yousaveferris

  • It's one half pampering, one half hanging out with an old friend. I have the distinct pleasure of knowing what a canvas feels like. I come to Shelley with a stack of pictures and she takes the inspiration and turns it into a masterpiece.

    Shelley Johnson | @knittingayarn

  • Shelley has encouraged me to try fantastical colors and styles I would never have considered with another stylist, and gives me the confidence boost to rock it.

    Rose Nelson | @anivire


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